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NGSL Rank: 1615
kɑːst Listen
  • cause (light or shadow) to appear on a surface.
    E.g. the moon cast a pale light over the cottages
  • register (a vote).
    E.g. votes have been cast in 40 per cent of the seats
  • throw the hooked and baited end of (a fishing line) out into the water.
  • throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.
    E.g. he cast the book down on to the chair angrily
  • shape (metal or other material) by pouring it into a mould while molten.
    E.g. when hammered or cast, bronze could be made into tools
  • cause (a magic spell) to take effect.
    E.g. the witch cast a spell on her to turn her into a beast
  • shed (skin or horns) in the process of growth.
    E.g. the antlers are cast each year
  • calculate and record details of (a horoscope).
    E.g. you can look at the star chart cast at somebody's birth
  • (in country dancing) change one's position by moving a certain number of places in a certain direction along the outside of the line in which one is dancing.
    E.g. cross the set and cast down one place
  • (of a dog) search in different directions for a lost scent.
    E.g. the dog cast furiously for the vanished rabbit
  • immobilize (an animal, especially a cow) by using a rope to cause it to fall on its side.
  • an object made by shaping molten metal or similar material in a mould.
    E.g. bronze casts of the sculpture
  • an act of throwing something forcefully.
    E.g. he grabbed a spear for a third cast
  • the form or appearance of something, especially someone's features or complexion.
    E.g. she had a somewhat masculine cast of countenance
  • a slight squint.
    E.g. he had a cast in one eye
  • short for worm cast.
  • a wide search made by a hound or pack of hounds to find a trail.
  • a pair or group of hawks or falcons.
    E.g. he gave one thousand pounds for a cast of hawks
  • the actors taking part in a play, film, or other production.
    E.g. he draws sensitive performances from his inexperienced cast
  • assign a part in a play or film to (an actor).
    E.g. he was cast as a young knight in her lavish historical epic

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