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NGSL Rank: 104
kɔːl Listen
  • give (a baby or animal) a specified name.
    E.g. they called their daughter Hannah
  • cry out (a word or words).
    E.g. he heard an insistent voice calling his name
  • contact or attempt to contact (a person or number) by phone.
    E.g. could I call you back ?
  • order or request the attendance of.
    E.g. representatives of all three teams have been called to appear before the Monaco stewards
  • announce or decide that (an event, especially a meeting, election, or strike) is to happen.
    E.g. there appeared to be no alternative but to call a general election
  • (of a person) pay a brief visit.
    E.g. I've got to call at the bank to get some cash
  • (of an umpire or other official in a game) pronounce (a ball, stroke, etc.) to be the thing specified.
    E.g. the linesman called the ball wide
  • cause (a subroutine) to be executed.
    E.g. one subroutine may call another subroutine (or itself)
  • a cry made as a summons or to attract someone's attention.
    E.g. a nearby fisherman heard their calls for help
  • the characteristic cry of a bird or other animal.
    E.g. it is best distinguished by its call, a loud ‘pwit’
  • an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone.
    E.g. I'll give you a call at around five
  • a brief visit, especially one made for social reasons.
    E.g. we paid a call on Ben and his family
  • an appeal or demand for something to happen or be done.
    E.g. the call for action was welcomed
  • an order or request for someone to be present.
    E.g. he was delighted that so many former players had heeded the call to attend the conference
  • (in sport) a decision or ruling made by an umpire or other official, traditionally conveyed by a shout, that the ball has gone out of play or that a rule has been breached.
    E.g. he was visibly irritated with the umpire's calls
  • a command to execute a subroutine.
    E.g. parameter values may be changed by calls to a special purpose input specification subroutine
  • a demand for payment of lent or unpaid capital.
  • (in a bar, club, etc.) denoting or made with relatively expensive brands of alcohol which customers request by name.
    E.g. try wines by the glass for $5, beer for $3, and call drinks for $8

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