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bɒks Listen
  • a container with a flat base and sides, typically square or rectangular and having a lid.
    E.g. a cigarette box
  • an area on a page that is to be filled in or that contains separate printed matter.
    E.g. tick the box on the coupon
  • a separate section or enclosed area reserved for a group of people in a theatre or sports ground, or for witnesses or the jury in a law court.
    E.g. the royal box
  • a protective casing for a piece of a mechanism.
    E.g. in the second variation, a switch loop, only one cable enters the box
  • a facility at a newspaper office for receiving replies to an advertisement.
    E.g. write to me care of Box 112
  • a woman's vagina.
  • put in or provide with a box.
    E.g. each piece is boxed with a certificate of authenticity
  • fight an opponent using one's fists; compete in the sport of boxing.
    E.g. he boxed for England
  • a slap with the hand on the side of a person's head.
    E.g. she gave him a box on the ear
  • a slow-growing European evergreen shrub or small tree with small glossy dark green leaves. It is widely used in hedging and for topiary, and yields hard, heavy timber.
  • any of a number of trees that have wood or foliage similar to the box tree.

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