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NGSL Rank: 1414
bɒm Listen
  • a container filled with explosive or incendiary material, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a timing, proximity, or remote-control device.
    E.g. a bomb attack
  • a lump of lava thrown out by an erupting volcano.
  • a large sum of money.
    E.g. that silk must have cost a bomb
  • a film, play, or other event that fails badly.
    E.g. that bomb of an old movie
  • an outstandingly good person or thing.
    E.g. the site would really be da bomb if its content were updated more frequently
  • a long forward pass or hit in a ball game.
    E.g. a two-run bomb
  • a cannabis cigarette.
  • attack (a place or object) with a bomb or bombs.
    E.g. they bombed the city at dawn
  • move very quickly.
    E.g. we were bombing down the motorway at breakneck speed
  • (of a film, play, or other event) fail badly.
    E.g. it just became another big-budget film that bombed

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