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blak Listen
  • of the very darkest colour owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.
    E.g. black smoke
  • belonging to or denoting any human group having dark-coloured skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.
    E.g. black adolescents of Jamaican descent
  • characterized by tragic or disastrous events; causing despair or pessimism.
    E.g. five thousand men were killed on the blackest day of the war
  • denoting a covert military procedure.
    E.g. clearance for black operations came from the highest political level
  • (of goods or work) not to be handled or undertaken by trade union members, especially so as to express support for an industrial dispute elsewhere.
    E.g. the union declared the ship black
  • black colour or pigment.
    E.g. a tray decorated in black and green
  • a member of a dark-skinned people, especially one of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry.
  • the situation of not owing money to a bank or of making a profit in a business operation.
    E.g. it is hoped the club will be back in the black by the end of the season
  • blackcurrant cordial.
    E.g. a rum and black
  • make (something) black; blacken.
    E.g. the house was pocked with bullet holes and blacked by smoke
  • refuse to handle (goods), undertake (work), or have dealings with (a person or business) as a way of taking industrial action.
    E.g. the union blacked the film because overtime was not being paid
ˈhambəːɡ Listen
  • another term for hamburger.
  • a black variety of grape of German origin, specially adapted to hothouse cultivation.

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