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NGSL Rank: 1408
bʌɪnd Listen
  • tie or fasten (something) tightly together.
    E.g. they bound her hands and feet
  • stick together or cause to stick together in a single mass.
    E.g. mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them
  • cause (people) to feel united.
    E.g. it's music that has bound us together
  • impose a legal or contractual obligation on.
    E.g. a party who signs a document will normally be bound by its terms
  • fix together and enclose (the pages of a book) in a cover.
    E.g. a small, fat volume, bound in red morocco
  • trim (the edge of a piece of material) with a decorative strip.
    E.g. a frill with the edges bound in a contrasting colour
  • (of a quantifier) be applied to (a given variable) so that the variable falls within its scope. For example, in an expression of the form ‘For every x, if x is a dog, x is an animal’, the universal quantifier is binding the variable x.
  • (of a rule or set of grammatical conditions) determine the relationship between (coreferential noun phrases).
  • a problematical situation.
    E.g. he is in a bind that gets worse with every passing minute
  • a statutory constraint.
    E.g. the moral bind of the law
  • another term for tie.
  • another term for bine.

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