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bɪˈhʌɪnd Listen
  • at or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it.
    E.g. the recording machinery was kept behind screens
  • following or further back than (another member of a moving group).
    E.g. we were stuck behind a slow-moving tractor
  • in support of or giving guidance to (someone else).
    E.g. whatever you decide to do, I'll be behind you
  • after the departure or death of (someone).
    E.g. he left behind him a manuscript which was subsequently published
  • less advanced than (someone or something) in achievement or development.
  • having a lower score than (another competitor).
    E.g. Woosnam moved to ten under par, five shots behind Fred Couples
  • at or to the far side of something.
    E.g. Campbell grabbed him from behind
  • in a particular place after leaving or after others have moved on.
    E.g. don't leave me behind
  • further back than other members of a moving group.
    E.g. Ben led the way, with Joe a short distance behind
  • (in a contest or match) having a score lower than that of the opposing team.
    E.g. England were still 382 runs behind
  • late in accomplishing a task.
    E.g. I'm getting behind with my work
  • a person's buttocks.
    E.g. she slid inelegantly down a few steps on her behind
  • a kick that sends the ball over a behind line, or a touch that sends it between the inner posts, scoring one point.

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