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  • the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.
    E.g. willows lined the bank of the stream
  • a long, high mass or mound of a particular substance.
    E.g. a grassy bank
  • a set of similar things, especially electrical or electronic devices, grouped together in rows.
    E.g. the DJ had big banks of lights and speakers on either side of his console
  • the cushion of a pool table.
    E.g. a bank shot
  • heap (a substance) into a mass or mound.
    E.g. the rain banked the soil up behind the gate
  • (with reference to an aircraft or vehicle) tilt or cause to tilt sideways in making a turn.
    E.g. the plane banked as if to return to the airport
  • (of a locomotive) provide additional power for (a train) in ascending an incline.
    E.g. he has built a four-cylinder locomotive for banking trains up the Lickey incline
  • (of an angler) succeed in landing (a fish).
    E.g. it was the biggest rainbow trout that had ever been banked
  • (in pool) play (a ball) so that it rebounds off a surface such as a cushion.
    E.g. I banked the eight ball off two cushions
  • a financial establishment that uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.
    E.g. a bank account
  • deposit (money or valuables) in a bank.
    E.g. she may have banked a cheque in the wrong account

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