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  • a flat, thin strip or loop of material, used as a fastener, for reinforcement, or as decoration.
    E.g. wads of banknotes fastened with gummed paper bands
  • a stripe, line, or elongated area of a different colour, texture, or composition from its surroundings.
    E.g. a long, narrow band of cloud
  • a range of values or a specified category within a series (used especially in financial contexts).
    E.g. your home was placed in one of eight valuation bands
  • a thing that restrains, binds, or unites.
    E.g. must I fall, and die in bands?
  • provide or fit (an object) with something in the form of a strip or ring, for reinforcement or decoration.
    E.g. doors are banded with iron to make them stronger
  • mark (something) with a stripe or stripes of a different colour.
    E.g. the bird's bill is banded across the middle with black
  • allocate to a range or category (used especially in financial contexts).
    E.g. single adults in a property banded above D will pay more
  • a group of people who have a common interest or purpose or who share a common feature.
    E.g. a band of eminent British researchers
  • a small group of musicians and vocalists who play pop, jazz, or rock music.
    E.g. the band's last two albums
  • a herd or flock.
    E.g. moving bands of caribou
  • (of people or organizations) form a group to achieve a mutual objective.
    E.g. local people banded together to fight the company

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