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əˈtak Listen
  • take aggressive military action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force.
    E.g. in February the Germans attacked Verdun
  • criticize or oppose fiercely and publicly.
    E.g. he attacked the government's defence policy
  • begin to deal with (a problem or task) in a determined and vigorous way.
    E.g. a plan of action to attack unemployment
  • (in sport) make a forceful attempt to score a goal or point or otherwise gain an advantage against an opposing team or player.
    E.g. Crystal Palace attacked swiftly down the left
  • (of a reagent or reactive species) approach and interact with (an atom, group, or bond in a molecule), thereby breaking a bond or forming a new bond.
    E.g. the nucleophile attacks the epoxide from the opposite side of the ring to the oxygen
  • an aggressive and violent act against a person or place.
    E.g. he was killed in an attack on a checkpoint
  • an instance of fierce public criticism or opposition.
    E.g. he launched a stinging attack on the Prime Minister
  • a sudden short bout of an illness or stress.
    E.g. an attack of nausea
  • (in sport) an aggressive attempt to score a goal or point or otherwise gain an advantage.
    E.g. a Cardiff attack broke down inside Llanelli's 22

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