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əˈraʊnd Listen
  • located or situated on every side.
    E.g. the mountains towering all around
  • so as to face in the opposite direction.
    E.g. Guy seized her by the shoulders and turned her around
  • in or to many places throughout a locality.
    E.g. word got around that he was on the verge of retirement
  • aimlessly or unsystematically; here and there.
    E.g. one of them was glancing nervously around
  • present, living, in the vicinity, or in active use.
    E.g. there was no one around
  • (used with a number or quantity) approximately.
    E.g. software costs would be around £1,500
  • on every side of.
    E.g. the palazzo is built around a courtyard
  • in or to many places throughout (a community or locality).
    E.g. cycling around the village
  • so as to pass (a place or object) in a curved or approximately circular route.
    E.g. he walked around the airfield
  • so as to encircle or embrace (someone or something).
    E.g. he put his arm around her

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