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NGSL Rank: 354
ˈɑːnsə Listen
  • a thing that is said, written, or done as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation.
    E.g. he knocked and entered without waiting for an answer
  • a solution to a problem or dilemma.
    E.g. the answer to poverty and unemployment is a properly funded range of services
  • a person or thing regarded as the equivalent to a better-known one from another place.
    E.g. the press called her Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe
  • say or write something as a reaction to someone or something.
    E.g. ‘Of course I can,’ she answered
  • act in reaction to (a sound such as a phone ringing or a knock or ring on a door).
    E.g. Digby answered the door
  • defend oneself against (a charge, accusation, or criticism).
    E.g. he said he would return to Spain to answer all charges
  • be suitable for fulfilling (a need); satisfy.
    E.g. entrepreneurship is necessary to answer the needs of national and international markets

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