Practice Your Pronunciation of English Words

In a perfect world, every English language student would have constant access to an English speaker to help with all aspects of their learning.

This would allow them to talk in English and get instant feedback.

Of course, for most learners, that won’t be the case. Perhaps you talk online with English speakers whenever you can, but what about the rest of the time.

That’s where Ringo Lingo can help you to assess your own pronunciation.

We’ve added a feature that lets you listen to a word or verb conjugation and then record yourself repeating the word or phrase.

You can listen to the original and your attempt to assess how accurate your pronunciation was.

Choose the accent

As with other features on Ringo Lingo, you can choose the accent that you want to listen to and emulate.

Additionally, we visualize the original speech and your copy by displaying a waveform of both. You may find this helpful as another way to assess how closely your pronunciation matches.

How to use our pronunciation tool

You will find the pronunciation tool in a few places on the Ringo Lingo website. It works much the same wherever you use it.

The original word or phrase is displayed at the top of the pronunciation tool. The name of your selected speaker is displayed at the bottom of the top box. Click the play button to hear the word or phrase spoken.

Click the record button in the bottom box and speak into the microphone to record your voice. The tool will only record for the same time the original audio lasted and will then load your recording.

You can now click the play button and compare your pronunciation to the original.

If you want to try again, click the Reset button and you can record yourself speaking again.

You’ll find the pronunciation tool on the verb conjugation and individual words pages. You’ll also see a button to open the pronunciation tool from each flashcard exercise. This will open a new page with all the words from the flashcards loaded. Just click your way through the list to practice each word.