Free Name That Thing Vocabulary Exercises for English Language Learners

If you are looking to practice key vocabulary in English in a fun and engaging way then check out our ‘Name That Thing‘ series of free interactive online English language exercises.

If you haven’t played ‘Name That Thing’ before, you will find instructions below! These apply to each of the exercises in this series.

These exercises will help you learn and revise key vocabulary in English. You will type in the names of words, so it will also help you practice your spelling.

Practice Key Vocabulary in English

Here’s how to play!

Tip: if this is new vocabulary for you, you will find a free PDF with the word list of words included that you can download at the bottom of the page.

First, choose whether you want to use American or British English (the key difference will be some spellings).

When you have chosen either American or British English, choose the mode.

You have the choice of two different modes.

Marker Mode

The ‘Marker’ mode will display markers on the image to indicate what the item is you are looking to name. This is handy if you are not too sure about this vocabulary and can’t identify a lot of words without visual prompts.

This is how the page will look in ‘marker’ mode:

You will see that each thing to be named is marked with a blue dot.

Blank Mode

As the name suggests, blank mode contains no indicators, so you must guess which things you need to name.

Type the Word

Type the name into the box below the image and enter. If the word is correct you will see it added to the word list, if it is not correct, you will get a warning message.

If you need help, just click where it says ‘show me the answers’!

Download Free PDF Word List

If you need help revising, download the free PDF word list at the bottom of the page.

So, head over to our ‘Name That Thing‘ category and practice your English vocabulary and have fun 🙂